A learning coach is an educator, a mentor, a teacher, rethought for today’s world. Personalized learning in innovative, hands-on microschools is a growing innovation in nurturing young minds.

The Coaching Model

Some have described the coaching model as “outsourced homeschooling”. Trained, dedicated educators are paid by students’ families to instruct full time from a curriculum uniquely suited to each child. Using a wealth of innovative resources and their own good judgment, learning coaches help children study according to their strengths and their passions.

The Coaching Model Coaching FAQ’s

Microschools in Action

Learning coaches often work in—or establish their own—microschools. These small organizations tend to be private, affordable, and independently run. They often have a unique emphasis (STEM, arts, Humanities, elite sports, special ed, etc) and philoshophy.

Coached Schooling has a goal to make microschools available and affordable to everyone. Following are are a few organizations that are leading the pack.

Join the education revolution

Coached Schooling empowers you to become an independent learning coach. We equip you wtith the means of recruiting your own students, developing your own curriculum, and nurturing children according to their own strengths and needs.

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A vast online library of carefully curated educational material. Topics range from curriculum and teaching tools to marketing and the logistics of running a microschool.

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The Marketplace is a powerful, secure tool for making financial transactions between students' families and their learning coaches. Create an account, and when you're ready to begin collecting tuition, we'll handle the tricky stuff for you.

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