The coaching model is an organic alternative to the rigid, traditional education system. Often described as affordable private school or outsourced homeschooling, microschools offer personalized learning in innovative, hands-on environments. This free-market model offers limitless choices of emphasis, instruction, and payment options, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach that pervades education today.

Elements of coached schooling

Personalized Education

The greatest benefit of a small, efficient private school is that education can be tailored to your child's specific needs. Free of bureaucracy, standardized tests, and other federal mandates, you, the parent are able to choose a microschool that best fits your family's goals and objectives. And with a fixed-learning/variable-time approach, coaches are able to nurture children individually, each at their own paced.

Project-based Learning

Meaningful, interactive assignments that engage students are a crucial aspect of Coached Schooling. Applying the skills learned in school is instrumental for children to adopt and retain them long-term. Additionally, project-based learning teaches creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and other skills that will allow students to compete in a high-tech world.

eLearning Technology

Mastery-based knowledge is a critical aspect of a child's education. Math, spelling, grammar, and other rule-oriented disciplines require repetitive drilling and large amounts of practice to master. What used to be taught by human instructors is best left to powerful technology that offers instant feedback and as much repetition as a student requires for advancement. Delegating this to technology offers huge efficiencies to the microschool model.

Socratic Dialogue

This time-tested method is employed on a regular basis to engage students in inquisitive conversation. Guided by a facilitator, an open question is put to the group, and participants are free to discuss, debate, and expound. Through directed, purposeful conversation, children learn reason, critical thinking, and objectivity, as well as the soft skills that make up basic interpersonal communication.

Microschools in action

Microschools are quickly becoming a force in the American education system, due to the high quality of instruction, the low cost, and the wide range of choices. These schools tend to be small and independently run. They often have a unique emphasis (STEM, arts, humanities, elite sports, special ed, etc.).

Coached Schooling empowers you to find the best microschool fit for your child. The following are a few organizations that are leading the pack.

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